1. This post on AO3 stats made the rounds yesterday, raising a bunch of questions including “where’s the femslash?" and "how does my fandom compare?" Autumnyte very kindly ran the numbers for Dragon Age; her results are here. Unsurprisingly, the F/F numbers for DA, especially DA2, are higher than the average, but still very small in relation to the other categories. Naturally, my thoughts turned to Final Fantasy fandom, and how it might compare. Here is my modest attempt at some quick numbers.

    Quick note on methodology: “All” refers to any work tagged with any Final Fantasy canon on AO3. “FFX/FFX-2” is any work tagged with FFX, FFX-2, or both. I did not check the full FFVII compilation or Ivalice Alliance tags. I stopped with these four canons because they are notably larger than the rest (the next largest, FFVI, includes 327 works). Percentages do not add up to 100 because works can be tagged with more than one label. 

    I don’t feel confident to make any overarching statements here, but things that jump out:

    • Overall, Final Fantasy fandoms are pretty well split between Gen, M/M slash, and Het. But the pictures looks quite different within some individual canons.
    • Final Fantasy VII comes much closer to the AO3 averages in all categories than the other FF fandoms here. It’s the only fandom here with more M/M than any other category — and it’s by quite a bit.
    • I’m honestly surprised by how little M/M there is in FFX/X-2, compared to other fandoms. Also of note: it’s the only fandom here with F/F in the double-digit percentages. The influence of X-2, with its all-female player party?
    • It’s interesting to me how similar the breakout is for FFVIII and FFXII — more F/M than anything else, a good bit of Gen and M/M (about FF average for FFVIII, somewhat less than average for FFXII), more F/F than AO3 average, but still not a lot, especially considering that both games feature interesting female major and minor characters.

    Anyway, I don’t have much in the way of conclusions, but I wanted to share the numbers. I can’t put a text table in a Tumblr post, but the numbers are listed under the cut:


    Gen 2107 (36%)
    M/M 1796 (31%)
    F/M 1668 (29%)
    F/F 312 (5%)
    Multi 308 (5%)
    Other 104 (2%)


    M/M 819 (40%)
    Gen 689 (34%)
    F/M 470 (23%)
    Multi 148 (7%)
    F/F 61 (3%)
    Other 40 (2%)


    F/M 264 (39%)
    Gen 232 (34%)
    M/M 198 (29%)
    F/F 41 (6%)
    Multi 28 (4%)
    Other 8 (1%)


    Gen 255 (41%)
    F/M 192 (31%)
    M/M 110 (18%)
    F/F 78 (13%)
    Multi 23 (4%)
    Other 12 (2%)


    F/M 308 (39%)
    Gen 247 (31%)
    M/M 196 (25%)
    F/F 53 (7%)
    Multi 45 (6%)
    Other 8 (1%)

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