1. barbeauxbot said: What fanfic tropes do you just unabashedly love or love to subvert?

    I admit, I am not much of a trope subverter — I’m much more likely to play things straight in that respect. Since I’m a character-driven writer, my favorite tropes tend to be character and/or relationship related. One that will always suck me in is anything related to separations and reunions, especially reunions after a separation that was thought to be permanent (returning from the dead, fixing a bad break-up, people who for whatever reason thought they’d never see each other again). Other favorites include arranged marriages turning real, stable threesome relationships, and almost anything to do with complicated political machinations.

    1. faejilly said: I’m a sucker for a good second chance, myself. <3
    2. barbeauxbot said: Oh God I’ve had a plot bunny for an AU where Laica was raised as Lady Amell and had an arranged marriage with Sebastian and I can’t figure out how to even approach that without it turning into a MONSTER that I don’t have time for
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