1. How can anyone look around at some of the recent successes we’ve been seeing in film – Avengers, Hunger Games, Bridesmaids, etc. and deny that women and girls have media power? They are 50% of the goddamn population. They have a lot of money to spend. And creating great work that speaks to them and doesn’t talk down to them is going to net you the kind of success that some of these films have seen in the last couple years. Reports are coming in that 40% of the Avengers audience is female. FORTY PERCENT. To deny that this is the way things are headed is insanity and you do so at your peril. Sure it’s going to take time, but it’s going to catch up with you. There are signs that this is where we’re heading every day. Rather than fighting it, why the hell don’t you want to get in front of it? Capitalize on it? Make bucket loads of cash by getting their first?

    Do you HATE MONEY? Because this is the CONSTANT excuse I hear for why female projects don’t get made – that they can’t make enough money. So make up your mind – which is it?


    Kelly Thompson, Dear Marvel: Please Stop Ruining Everything

    I just want to quote everything in this article because it is so fabulous and correct.

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