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    She gets it.

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    this is literally the greatest subtitling job that has ever been done. someone learned how to speak cat.

    *laughs irl*

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    CHECK OUT your differences in wand technique here and how fluidly and casually Ron throws a curse in comparison to Harry and Hermione Hermione has done the reading and is technically perfect of course Elbow straight; wrist bent Wand tip aligned with left sightline left arm held loosely behind her for balance Harry hasn’t ever done the reading Grip too tight; elbow locked Shoulders raised Left elbow cranked in awkwardly against his body Kids’ll imitate his awful technique and Junior Aurors it’ll make their parents nuts; don’t twist your neck like that I don’t care what Auror Potter does When you save wizardkind you can hold your wand however you want until then drop your shoulders Ron’s been around wand users since birth practiced with twigs and then his brothers’ wands Look at how the movement flows from his center the way he uses his whole body throws out his opposite hand behind him to counterbalance the movement Harry and Hermione get their wands into position and then throw the curse Ron’s spell starts mid-motion because he knows his wand will be in position in time  (helenish)

    Mmmmmmm, yes.

    There will be a day when I see this and I will scroll past.

    Today is not that day

    Plus Ron is casting his curse non-verbally. That’s very difficult and it requires training and practice to successfully cast a nonverbal spell. It’s success is determined by the amount of concentration and mental discipline of the witch or wizard. But this is Ron Weasley he likely didn’t put training and practice into casting non-verbal spells, this advanced magic comes to him naturally. The only other time we see him cast a non-verbal spell is when he accidentally made it snow in the great hall, and that was only because Lavender was glaring him down after he said Hermione’s name while he was unconscious in the hospital wing. He felt crappy and his emotions were so intense he unknowingly made it snow. Here he’s trapped in a muggle cafe, with his best friend and the girl he loves. He’s probably scared, and angry but most of all protective. He wants to defeat these Death Eaters without anything happening to his team. His emotions are intense again and that allows him to cast a powerful non-verbal spell. No, not even a spell, a curse. We’ve seen Hermione cast non-verbal spells loads of times but even here she says the curse to ensure it’s potency. Ron is concentrated and disciplined enough in this moment to curse a Death Eater without any words at all.

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  7. Chocobo Races - Team signups are open!


    We’re happy to announce that the 2014 round of Chocobo Races is open for team registration!

    Not sure what Chocobo Races is? You can look here for an in-depth explanation. In a kupo-nutshell: Sign up for a team; fill prompts and get points for your team; repeat monthly with special bonus themes for extra points; the highest-scoring team next March wins the round!

    Click here for the full signup post on Dreamwidth!

    Now to introduce this year’s teams…


    Click here to sign up for Team Cactuar!


    Click here to sign up for Team Tonberry!

    See you at the Races!

    Time to sign up! for team tonberry obviously Yay, Chocobo Races!

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    Oliver the Dog and Arashi the Cat: the cutest best friends ever!

    Photos by ©izumiechan - Via BuzzFeed

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    growing up is watching your younger sibling get taller and taller until they finally surpass you until you’re left a diminished pride and  memories of when you were the supreme sibling

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    [Image: A felt Sam Wilson doll wearing a grey and white version of his MCU uniform.]


    Behold the new cuteness! Baby Falcon, with removable wings and wing pack. This little bae is the most intricate dollie I’ve attempted thus far, and I’m pleased as punch with the result! I must’ve spent an hour making him fly around my bedroom!